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We provide the best quality, the right prices, and individual attention & enthusiasm for your classic car; that’s what makes us a leader in classic car restoration throughout New Jersey. Nobody cares for your classic car more than you do, but at Contey Custom Performance, we come pretty close.

Steve is such a great mechanic. He has fair prices and his jobs are always well done. He always gets the job done in a reasonable amount of time. A very great guy to do business with!

Five Stars

This man is a life saver. Great business man and very awesome work!!! Would be glad to have him work on all my cars

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The Best Classic Car Restoration In New Jersey

When you’re ready to restore your classic hot-rod, come to us at Contey Custom Performance. We know how important this car is to you, and we give every classic car restoration the attention and care it deserves at the best quality and prices.

Bring Your Classic Back to Life

Bring Your Classic Back to Life

At Contey Custom Performance, we don’t “fix up old cars”: with our classic car restorations in New Jersey, we bring automotive classics back to life.

If you’ve just found a project car you’d like to restore—or if, after many years, you’re ready to pull the cover off your classic car and finally make her new again—let’s talk. We understand just how much that car means to you. The classic cars we love most are usually ones built when we were kids. Perhaps as a teenager, you always wanted one, but you couldn’t afford it. Then came kids, and responsibilities . . . but now maybe your kids are grown, and you realize that same car still turns your head, still stirs up something inside you, takes you back in time in a joyful way. There is something magic about that car. We get that.

At Contey Custom Performance, it’s not just a car to us, either. We treat every classic car restoration like it’s our own.

New Jersey's Best Classic Car Restoration

New Jersey's Best Classic Car Restoration

At car shows all over New Jersey—and across the country—you’ll see the classic car restorations we’ve done right here in our shop in Lyndhurst.

For more than twelve years, Contey Custom Performance has been bringing these classic beauties new life and helping the dreams of owners like you come true. New Jersey has many classic car shows, some of the most popular being Ocean Grove Vintage Car Show, Classic Car Show and Oldies Day, Frank V. Panzone Memorial Cruisin’ for a Cure, and New Jersey Concours d’Elegance. Our customers know we take special care and have enthusiasm with each step of the classic car restoration, with each and every automobile we help to restore.

We have the experience to take care of your car the way it deserves in its classic car restoration, whether with electrical, mechanical, bodywork, fabrication, paint, upholstery, or any other project or stage. When your car is finally complete, you’ll want to show it off.

Automotive Restoration Investment

Automotive Restoration Investment

We know that classic car restoration can be expensive, so it has to make investment sense. We are helped in this by a classic car market that is going through the roof, not just in New Jersey but across the world.

Even so, money still doesn’t grow on trees, and we get that. When you make the decision to restore your classic automobile, you’ll want to prepare by first determining your overall budget. Knowing your budget will help determine how far you’ll be able to go with your classic car restoration, and whether you might need to allow for some delays to build up funds and find used parts. Are there any elements of the restoration that you hope to do yourself? Is there a deadline for completing it? Do you plan to go completely original or uniquely you?

These questions can help determine the cost of your own classic car restoration, and we always work with your budget and timeline and make every attempt to keep costs manageable.

Other Services We Provide:

  • Mechanical Repairs on Antique Cars older than 30 years old
  • Electrical repairs and upgrades - lights, electric wiring, rewiring
  • Brakes - Drums to Disc, non-powered to powered.
  • Suspension repairs and upgrades
  • Rear End repairs and upgrades
  • Drive Train
  • Engine repairs
  • ..and more!

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New Jersey’s Top Classic Car Restorations

Contact us today and talk to our owner, Steve Contey. He’s restored countless classics of his own and for New Jersey customers, and he’d love to start by having a conversation with you about yours. So, if you’re ready to get started on your classic car restoration, call right now.